Client's word: Gilbert MUGNIER, Director of Crecendo Expo | Paris Venues
30 April 2020

Client's word: Gilbert MUGNIER, Director of Crecendo Expo

During this period of containment we keep in touch with our customers and give them a voice. Feelings, consequences on their business and vision for the future, they give us in a few questions their point of view on this unprecedented situation.


Gilbert MUGNIER has accepted to answer us, he is Director of Crecendo Expo, the only major shoe retail trade show in Paris which takes place every year at the Espace Evénements du Parc Floral de Paris.

1. Hello Gilbert and thank you for your participation. First of all, what mission did you bring to the forefront as a matter of urgency to respond to the current situation?

Activity, relationships with people, freedom in short . This situation makes me realize that we are fragile, a virus can call everything into question on a planetary level.

2. From a broader perspective, what are the short and long term consequences for your organization and especially how you manage relationships with your clients and partners?

Concerning the impact of the crisis it will be important. I work and produce in Portugal. We are trying with teleworking but it is far from being enough. We have to control goods, make collections, we need models, the factories are closed too, we can't move. Like many of our customers, we are waiting for our customers' payments. The projects are on stand-by and we have to manage the emergency. Our sales people go to the essentials, try to take orders, they will be very impacted because of their mode of remuneration which is commission-based. There is no particular help for them due to their specific status. The primary mission has been to find solutions to help our customers, consider production cycles, anticipate cash flow needs... A big unknown is the situation of customer settlements. In what situation will our customers be after this crisis? What will be the impact of closures?
The company's situation in a few months time will condition the future.

3. What do you think will change in the future that will never be the same in your organization, team or field of activity again?

We maintain a policy of partnership with our customers. It is still too early to know the consequences of this crisis. There will obviously be a loss of turnover, a drop in activity over the whole year has already been recorded. We are a light structure and we can adapt to a change in the market. The distribution networks will evolve and be restructured, but some will unfortunately disappear. There will be a restructuring of the footwear market, that's obvious. We will have to be formatted to meet a demanding demand. What will never be the same is the idea that everything can be acquired. Wisdom comes first.

4. Do you have plans, and if so, which ones in particular?

I don't have a specific project, I'm waiting for a more precise picture of this period of economic and health crisis. What will be the rhythm of the restart of the activity? The consolidation of our company and our distribution network is already an objective in itself.

5. What will you do as soon as containment is complete?

As soon as I am deconfinement, I will meet up with my family and friends and I will also do a small tour of customers in order to listen to their concerns, to share and exchange ideas at points of sale.

What will never be the same is the idea that everything can be taken for granted. Wisdom comes first.

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